The International Anti-aging Advanced Aesthetic Medicine (IA3M)

About Us


Founded by Dr. naito who is also a member of A4M.
IA3M aims to provide clinicians with a variety of educational programs that focus on the Asian characteristics of the A4M way of thinking about medicine.


The International Anti-aging Advanced Aesthetic Medicine (IA3M) is the established global leader for medical & dental clinical education in advanced aesthetic medicine,
aesthetic checkup, regenerative medicine.


IA3M provides an advanced medical and dental opportunities, clinical training,certification programs, workshops, and more.

Our Mission


・Clinical training
・Dissemination of advanced medical care in Europe and the United States
・Building resilience,vitality,and optimizing wellness.


We help clinicians see patients as whole people in whole environments in order to provide effective personalized care.

European Wellness


Clinical trainig


・Regenerative medicine
・Cell membrane therapy
・DNA methylation pathway profile
・Clinical cosmetic surgery
・Botulinum therapy
・Hyaluronic acid treatment
・Food sensitivity test
・Maxillofacial Surgery
・Laser Treatment
・Orthomolecular medicine
・Clinical Genecology
・Micro needle therapy
・Facial aging
・Chinese medicine


Our training center